Coffee Farm & La Paz Waterfall Gardens (by Aubry)

Last Tuesday, we got to do something I have been waiting to do every since we arrived in Costa Rica. We went to the La Paz Waterfalls, Rainforests, and Wildlife Sanctuary! We started off the day going to a coffee farm with a beautiful background of San Jose from the mountain top. We then headed to La Paz. At the beginning of the tour, we went through all the animal exhibits. We started at the bird exhibit, where we got to hold a toucan! Then, we headed to the butterfly sanctuary, which was such a cool experience! We walked into this huge green room filled with butterflies, flying all around! I may have gotten scared sometimes, because I’m not a huge fan of things flying in my face, but it was cool! Most of the butterflies were bright blue and would land right on my back or arm. There was a lot of really unique looking ones too! After the butterflies, we went to the frogs. They weren’t my favorite, but some of them were cool. This next exhibit was, of course, my absolute favorite! THE MONKEYS!! I felt so bad for these monkeys. They were locked up in a small cage. It broke my heart. 😦
We sadly left the monkeys and saw a few hummingbirds, which was really neat! Next was my second most favorite – the jungle cats. The first cat was very pretty! It came right up to the fence too. It started to try to bat at our hands, so we stepped back a little bit, but I just wanted to take a selfie with this super cool cat! So, I attempted to take a selfie, but as I turned my back my braided hair was hanging in front of the fence and the cat batted at it! It almost got my hair! Of course, dad saw it eyeing my hair and yelled right as the cat attempted to get it! Good thing, otherwise I would have had to get a new hair cut!! The other cats were cool too, while we were walking up to the jaguars, the mom jaguar was right in front of the glass checking out all of the people. And of course, since there was glass in between the cat and me, this time, I took a selfie with it. After the cats we took a picture with a couple weird-looking bulls and walked through a really old look-alike house.

Next, were the waterfalls. Theiy were so cool! From the beautiful greenery surrounding the water pouring off the side of a huge cliff, it was truly amazing! I could never get used to seeing those waterfalls. We got to down by the river that followed one of the waterfalls, also. Which i thought was an even more beautiful sight!

This was probably one of my most fsvoritr days in Costa Rica because we got to experience so much of God’s wonderful creation! I’m always blown away at truly how awesome He is and His amazing creation!


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