Settling In!

Settling Into Our New Home  On Friday, March 19, we landed in Madrid—5 Tatmans, 1 dog, and 29 pieces of luggage. The weeks, if not months, leading up to our departure had left us exhausted and ready to settle into a temporary place in Spain. We wanted to take a few weeks to rest, decompress, […]

Tatmans Have Visas!

Visa Update! After months of chasing down the required documents, our visas have finally arrived in the mail! We are now free to leave for Spain and will be flying out on Thursday, March 18. While we are celebrating this wonderful news, our minds are swimming with all we have to do before we leave! […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

One unexpected blessing of 2020 has been all the extra time we have had to share with our family and friends. As with many of you, we are experiencing a unique set of challenges and circumstances as we look at gathering for the holidays. While Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year festivities won’t look the same […]

MTI Week 4 Summary

If you have not followed our training journey, you can catch up on Weeks 1-3 by clicking here. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind and it’s hard to believe we officially wrapped up our four-week training at Mission Training International (MTI) over two weeks ago! In those short four weeks, the bonds we […]

Week 3 at MTI

It’s hard to believe that we have finished up our third week here at Mission Training International (MTI). If you have not followed along, you can catch up on week 1 here and week 2 here. After two weeks focused on language learning, we moved into training on preparing our family for a cross-cultural move. […]

Road Trips, Cross Cultural Training & Sweet Family Time

Ministry Update We were on the road for four weeks, visiting pastors and speaking at churches in the Northern and Pacific Northwestern states, and we’ve been in Colorado for the past two weeks. We dropped Kayla and Aubry off at the Denver airport to fly home two weeks ago, and the rest of us just […]

MTI Week 2 Recap

Wrapping up Language Learning We just completed our second week of cross-cultural training, wrapping up “language learning.” While we aren’t learning a new language, our instructors are giving us the tools and resources to learn how to speak Spanish when we arrive. One of the main points of emphasis has been taking responsibility for our […]

MTI Week 1 Update

We just finished our first week of COMPASS Training at Mission Training International (MTI)!!! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our family’s safety on the road as we took the long way to MTI. If you have been following our social media accounts, you have seen pictures from places such as the […]

We’re on the road!

Partnership UpdateWe had an INCREDIBLE week during Global Strategy’s Find Your Stride commitment campaign and we jumped from 73% funded to 93% funded!  We were BLOWN AWAY! We’re so close to being 100% funded…it’s getting real! Huge thanks to all of you who are partnering with us in this way! Ministry UpdateWhile we are not yet in […]

Road Trips, Connections, and Civil Rights Education

Well, we are wrapping up a two-week trip through the midwestern/southeastern United States and have visited churches, pastors, missionary teammates, friends, and family members along the way. Although our backs are sore, our hearts are full! 🙂 It’s interesting…this part of our journey wasn’t initially part of the plan. We were supposed to have moved […]