Living In Another Culture (A Video Interview Part 1)

I sat down with three young ladies (Daleska, Aubry, and Claudia) from different countries to talk about food, culture, and language. I love to travel and explore different cultures. It’s fascinating to me that there are people, just like you and me, living in a different country at a different time of the day, going through their daily schedule.

I will take any chance I get to talk with someone from a different culture. So, I took the opportunity to talk with these three ladies. Quick bios and the video interview are below.

Daleska grew up in Costa Rica. She moved to the United States at the age of twelve with her younger sister, Emily. Daleska and Emily are the reason our family speaks Spanglish!

You can follow Daleska on her Youtube channel, La Vida de Daleska(The Life of Daleska). You can also find her beauty and fashion tips on Instagram.

Aubry has lived in Indiana her entire life. However, through our family’s love for travel she has been able to travel to Costa Rica, Guatemala, Germany, Italy and various places around the United States. You can follow Aubry on her website at aubrygrace.comand Instagram.

Claudia is from Spain and has traveled to many countries throughout Europe. She has also lived with us for a summer on two different occasions. She speaks Spanish, English, and a little bit of French. You can follow Claudia on Instagram.

If you are interested, we have provided recipe links to the foods mentioned in the video. Enjoy!


Foods Mentioned:

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