Partner With Us?

Our mission’s agency, Global Strategy, has a stated focus: to “break down barriers, cross borders, and connect people’s passion with the hands and feet of Christ in places they could never reach on their own.”

Has God placed a desire in you to make an impact in the Europe and Middle East region? Does this spark something within you? If so, we would love to meet!

There are unique challenges, external and internal, facing the church in Europe and the Middle East. Likewise, there are many opportunities for growth and expansion of the churches and their ministries.

Two of those opportunities are the Three Worlds Leadership Network (3WLN) and EuropeX. As associate regional coordinators, our role will be to walk alongside local church leaders in this region and identify opportunities to facilitate and expand both networks.

If this is something you (or your church) would like to pursue in partnership with us, follow the link to our bio page at There you will find more information about our ministry and opportunity to begin supporting us financially.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouraging words!

Nate and Stacy

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