Settling In!

Settling Into Our New Home

 On Friday, March 19, we landed in Madrid—5 Tatmans, 1 dog, and 29 pieces of luggage. The weeks, if not months, leading up to our departure had left us exhausted and ready to settle into a temporary place in Spain. We wanted to take a few weeks to rest, decompress, and begin putting a plan together for securing a home in the coming months. As has been the case for us, things did not go as planned.

We quickly discovered upon arriving in Spain that much like the housing market in the United States, Spain’s homes move fast. We knew that if we found a house that met most of our needs, we had to act quickly. So, on March 27, just eight days after our arrival, we signed papers to put a deposit on our new apartment. Now, less than two months after our arrival, we are settled into our new home!

Settling Into Our Jobs

Beginning June 1, we will officially become the regional coordinators for Europe and Middle East. Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall have faithfully, and diligently, served in this role since 2010. Along with settling into our new home, we continue to work with the Nachtigalls via Zoom as we learn from them and mentally download as much information from them as we can.

We are excited to finally be on the same continent, and thus in the same time zone, as the rest of our team. We are all eager for travel restrictions to lift (hopefully by this summer) so we can visit one other and the many of the churches we work with throughout the region. In the meantime, we have been able to connect via Zoom and by other means of communication.

Around the Region

Even with COVID restrictions, so many great things have been happening around the region. The De Franciscos (missionaries to Spain) continue to work with young couples in Madrid and are staying connected to a new church in Olot (north of Barcelona).

Rhonda and Kelley Philips continue to renovate the new Pink Door Country facility as they prepare to house women.

Zach and Audrey Langford, along with their daughter Lola, have welcomed the newest member of their family, Leo.

Daniel and Christy Kihm continue to connect with churches in Hungary and the Netherlands as Daniel periodically preaches virtually. Christy has done an awesome job keeping everyone updated on the Three Worlds social media platforms.

As co-coordinators of 3WLN (Three Worlds Leadership Network), Audrey Langford and Christy Kihm have kept the young leaders updated on what is happening in other parts of Europe and Middle East. It is heart-breaking to hear what many churches have had to endure over the past year, but there is such encouragement in these stories as well. While many have experienced the loss of loved ones in their families and congregations, the last year has allowed the unique opportunity for churches to serve missionally in their neighborhoods and communities. Our team is eager to connect with leaders in person as soon as we are permitted.

Prayer Requests

  • Wisdom in making decisions for Daleska and Emily as we research their educational options for the 2021-2022 school year.
  • The ability to settle in and get to know our new neighborhood, city, and country.
  • Opportunities to meet neighbors and establish friendships with people in our neighborhood and city.
  • Safe travels as we fly back to the U.S. in June. Kayla and Aubry will be flying back in early June to participate in and attend a couple of weddings. Nate, Stacy, Daleska, and Emily will be flying in late June. Daleska will be joining the County Line Student Ministry’s summer missions trip to North Carolina. Nate and Stacy will be attending the Church of God Convention in Denver. Nate, Stacy, Daleska, and Emily will be attending Regional Coordinator Meetings in Bellingham, Washington.

We are so thankful for your prayers, love, and support over the past several months. We know the Lord has gone before us in all of this and that your encouragement has had a tremendous impact on our journey!

Much love,

Nate, Stacy and Family

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