Food Fight!

Every meal is under constant scrutiny. Every dish is in question. Every bite, if taken, is met with hesitation. Welcome to our lives right now. Whether we eat in a restaurant or at home – and it makes no difference if they ordered it or asked for it –  anything food-related is under close tica surveillance.

We have tried a variety of tactical strategies. “Maybe if we let them pick out the food at the grocery store?” Strike One. “Okay, how about we let them help cook the meals?” Strike two! “Alright, we are both well-educated adults, let’s search pictures of Costa Rican food online with them and create meal plans from that!” Swing and miss.  Strike three!!!

Along the way, we have discovered foods they like (mac-n-cheese…made with water, not milk) as well as foods they detest (as in all vegetables). There have been a few surprise foods as well. Who would have thought one of these picky eaters would like liver and onions?! (Gross!?!?!!) Or that both girls would want to eat a handful of prunes each day. (Thumbs-up for healthy digestive systems!)

With our biological children, we have been able to direct them towards eating healthy from a very young age. Back in the US recently, on their first trip to the grocery store by themselves, our oldest three stockpiled the fridge full of vegetables, yogurts, fruits, lean meats, and other healthy foods. With only a few exceptions, all three bio kids will eat almost anything we put in front of them.

We hope that our ticas will adapt to a healthy way of eating over time. We shall see whose army wears down first. As of now we have the resources and strategic planning. However, they possess sheer willpower and survival instincts.

Who will win the Food Fight? Stay tuned!


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