Court Date Tomorrow

Admittedly, when the judge postponed our hearing two weeks ago, we deflated like popped balloons. With the wind in our sails already beginning to die down, we didn’t know if we could make it for the next two weeks. The few days following were filled with lots of questions and ambiguity. We didn’t know what the future held in regard to our adoption. It could have gone either way. Someday we hope to share the whole story. However we need to protect our ticas, and the story is still being written.

Over the past two weeks, we have had to remind ourselves that we have gone through too much to stop now. When we think about all the obstacles on the road to us getting here, there is no doubt that God’s provision brought us every step of the way. He provided the finances, in-country lodging, ability to learn a new language, as well as a tremendous support system both in Indiana and in Costa Rica. 
Through sheer determination, we had to accept that God knew what was needed, that He spoke through the judge, and that He would continue to provide for our family as we prepared to extend our stay in Costa Rica. There were times when we didn’t know how, or what, to pray. In those moments, we had to lean on the prayers of others to get us through. We heard from our friends, family, and supporters via Skype, text messages, emails, and social media. Because of God’s faithfulness we knew that we could keep going by putting one foot in front of the other. We focused on just the next step – the minutes and hours in the day ahead – because it provided the only clear way to move forward.
And now we have come to today. So much good has come in the past two weeks, and we praise God for little miracles every day that have added up to a whole lot of positive change. Tomorrow we will hear the judge’s final decision on our adoption. As of now, we feel confident that it will proceed without further complications. However, we want to continue to give this process over to God and desire His will to be done.

Will you join us in prayer today and tomorrow as we prepare for our hearing?  Our appointment will be at 3:30 EST tomorrow (Friday) afternoon. Thank you, in advance, for your thoughts and prayers!

Nate and Stacy

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