Tatman Familia

Yesterday, we completed the biggest step of our two-year adoption journey: the final adoption decree!! As many of you know, the last few weeks of our journey have been filled with steep climbs and multiple stops. While our adoption journey will never end, the judge’s decree is a major milestone.

Meet our daughters…

Daleska is a beautiful, mature 12-year-old. She has a contagious laugh and a beautiful smile. This girl has overcome so many obstacles in order to be a part of our family, and we are so proud of her! She has more courage and spunk than most, and we are so excited to see what her future holds. In many ways she is still a normal 12-year-old, enjoying shopping, watching YouTube videos, and keeping up on the latest fashion trends. She also loves to spend quality time with others and finds great joy in giving gifts to loved ones.

Emily is an energetic, outspoken 8-year-old with a heart of gold. She loves serving and helping others, and before meals will always be found in the kitchen helping Stacy with food preparation. She is also a little prankster! We have to constantly watch out for her as she tries, mostly successfully, to jump around a corner and scare us any chance she gets! She likes to play in the park go on walks, and loves to dance and swim.

Nate and Stacy

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