It Was A Hard Day

That title is an understatement, but no other words come to mind right now. Well, there are other words, but none that are appropriate for me to write or you to read! We knew that when we decided to adopt older children that it was going to be messy, difficult, and challenging. However, we were not prepared for what happened at our court appointment. In reality, no one was prepared for what happened.

Yesterday was our scheduled court hearing in which the judge would declare our adoption final. A 30-minute court hearing turned into a 4-hour court appointment. While I cannot go into details, the judge deemed that one of our girls was not ready to continue the adoption process. Instead, she has suspended the hearing for two weeks so that our daughter can receive necessary help before continuing the process.

To date, it was the most difficult day on this adoption journey. However, we know that God is in control and that His hands are in this process. We are thankful that everyone involved (judge, lawyers, and social workers) is working diligently for the good of all parties involved. Your continued thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated for our family here in Costa Rica as well as our family in the States. These next two weeks will be challenging, yet necessary. 


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