Welcome To New Adventures

We are a multi-cultural, midwestern family of seven. We speak Spanglish. We love to travel and try new adventures. We try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. And most of all, we love being a family that lives, works, and plays together!

We (Nathan and Stacy) have experienced a whole lot in our 22 years of marriage, from starting a small business and non-profit to raising three biological children and adopting two children internationally.

When we started our family over 20 years ago, we would have never imagined this is where we would be! These experiences have taught us so much about life, marriage, raising kids (through all stages), adopting internationally, traveling, church ministry, youth ministry, owning a business, and more.

Our life’s adventures and a love for experiencing everything as a family have led us to start yet another new adventure…this website…to share some of our journeys! We are excited to be doing this as a family, with each of us contributing in our own special and unique way.

We chose the name Our Spanglish Life, because…well…that pretty much sums up our family. If you spend any amount of time in our home, you will hear lots of laughter and LOUD conversations in English, Spanish, or both.

Throughout our adoption journey, we found ourselves living in between two worlds – a Spanish/latino culture and an English/North American culture. Now as a large, multicultural family, we have merged various personalities, tastes, and customs into what we now know as life…Our Spanglish Life.

As a family, we believe we are meant to be active participants in life, not passive spectators. We invite you along as we share our old and new life experiences. Whether you watch from afar by reading our posts, or participate directly by leaving comments and questions, we hope you are inspired to get out and embrace the world around you. 

Welcome to Our Spanglish Life!

Nathan  &  Stacy 

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