Tatman Transition Update

We’ve been asked a lot lately how things are going, when we’re leaving, what our process looks like, etc….so we figured it was time for an update!

The last few months have been eventful and productive! Most recently, Aubry graduated from high school. She graduated with honors and received our school’s Difference Maker Award and Scholarship. We’re incredibly proud! Stacy and all four of our daughters wrapped up another school year and jumped right into summer projects, part-time jobs, summer camps, and VBS.                 

On the missions front, we started and finished three months of fundraising training this past spring. Through this time, we recognized our desire to not simply seek prayer and financial “support,” but to actually partner with others while on this journey. This has already led to many great relationships beginning to form.

In addition to fundraising, we have also started the process of downsizing – going through our possessions and deciding what we might be taking with us next year and what we will need to sell. (Side note: Stacy is far too sentimental for this process!) We plan to have a MASSIVE sale at the end of July and will continue to downsize over the next year.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be connecting with Church of God pastors, missionaries, and our Three Worlds missionary team at an annual convention in Orlando. During this time, all five of our kiddos will be present as we’re officially commissioned! Selling our house has been bumped up on our schedule…the housing market is great for sellers right now and when it comes time to move next summer, it will be a much easier transition if that item is already marked off our to-do list. 

Just because it’s a frequently asked question – Stacy WILL be returning as School Nurse in the coming school year, and Nathan continues to be on staff at County Line. There will come a point of transition, but we’re not there yet.

Thanks so much for joining us on the journey and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

We are becoming increasingly excited about the work ahead of us in Europe and the Middle East!

Much love,

Stacy and Nate

(Learn more about our future ministry and ways you can partner with us! www.chogglobal.org/nstatman)

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