Closing Out 2019

As we wrap up 2019, we are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. This holiday season has been filled with lots of family time, new adventures, old traditions, warm hearts, and full bellies! The fact that we’ll be leaving in seven short months has been on all of our hearts and minds, and we’ve been soaking up all the sweet memories we can hold.

In the midst of “life as usual,” we are continuing to work through the necessary practical steps in our transition. We sold our family home and many of our larger belongings in November and will be living in a rental home until our departure next summer. We have also been working on updating passports and organizing other legal paperwork in preparation for visa applications in the spring. Finally, we have a site visit scheduled in March, 2020, and look forward to introducing our daughters to the Spanish culture, visiting the schools they will be attending, researching rental home possibilities, and finalizing details for our move.

We are so thankful for the commitment many have made to partner with us in this ministry through constant encouragement, prayer, and financial support, and we look forward to seeing what God will do as we walk in faith and obedience to Him!

Currently, fundraising is in full swing and we were blown away when we sat down today to look at a list of all those who have given toward our matching grant! We are incredibly thankful for the many churches and individuals who are moving us closer to the goal!

We do still have the matching grant in effect through December 31! If you are a first-time giver and would like to give an end-of-year gift that will be matched, go to and click on the “Give Now” button. Thank you!! 

Happy New Year!

Nate, Stacy, and Family

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