Folding Blankets~Power In Numbers~Gaining Confidence

Folding Blankets

As we’re sorting our possessions and getting ready for an epic porch sale, we’ve found ourselves gleaning perspective from even the most mundane tasks! 🙂

Case in point…have you ever tried to fold a king-sized bed blanket on your own? 

At first it seems like an achievable task…get two corners together on one end, then two corners on the other end, then all four corners together…except there is inevitably a giant ball of unfolded mess in the middle.

And while you struggle with what’s in the middle, the ends come unaligned and you’re back where you started…with a giant unfolded blanket!

If you invite one partner to help you fold a king-sized blanket, the process is a little easier. You might still end up with misaligned edges and with parts of the blanket dragging along the floor in the process, but the job will get done.

But what if you ask one or two more friends to join in…just enough people to efficiently fold up the blanket without a monumental struggle to keep it all together in the process?

Each person plays a coordinated role, keeping corners together, edges aligned, and the mess in the middle well-controlled. And, voila! A neatly folded blanket! 

What a practical example of how critical it is to have an appropriate team of people in place to accomplish a goal!

Power in Numbers

Missionaries? Us? Are you sure? These questions and more flooded our thoughts as we wrapped our minds around the idea of becoming missionaries. 

One recurring idea that got us through the initial decision-making phase was the fact that we would not be doing this alone. It helped us to know that there would be hundreds of people standing with and walking alongside us.

Gaining Confidence

As we have processed the concept of becoming missionaries, we’ve learned to think and say, “None of this is really about us!” We will fill a specific role, but many others will also have critical parts to play as the local church is empowered to impact their communities with the love of Christ.

So what has given us the confidence to move to Madrid and work with churches throughout Europe and the Middle East? In short, the answer is you – our friends, family, peers and acquaintances.

Over the last 18 months we have realized that the missionary journey wasn’t meant to be traveled alone. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities for many people to fill. There is a long list of biblical principles and current day examples on the importance of these roles.

This journey we are on isn’t just about us and ministry in Europe and the Middle East. It is also about what God is doing in and through you, your families, and your congregations as well.

Why Partner?

Here are six ways that God may be calling each of us to coordinate our efforts for the broader church in Europe and the Middle East:

  1. God has instilled in us a passion for the local church in Europe and the Middle East. Has He instilled that in you too?
  2. While God is calling us to walk alongside churches and pastors in Europe and the Middle East, is He calling you to walk alongside our family?
  3. While God has called us to live cross-culturally, is He calling you to learn through short-term cross-cultural experiences?
  4. While God has called us to fan the flame of church multiplication in the region, is He calling you to partner with and pray for church planters in that same region?
  5. While God has called us to be a bridge between the Europe and Middle East churches, is He calling you to partner with a church from another culture?
  6. While God has called us to go, is He calling you to be a part of this ministry as you stay?

Is there something God is doing within you as it relates to what he is calling us to do? If so, we would love to talk with you and share more about partnering with the Tatmans!

Or, click here to read more about our ministry in Europe and the Middle East or to begin partnering with us.

Many blessings,

Nate, Stacy, and Family

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