We’re on the road!

Partnership Update
We had an INCREDIBLE week during Global Strategy’s Find Your Stride commitment campaign and we jumped from 73% funded to 93% funded! 
We’re so close to being 100% funded…it’s getting real! Huge thanks to all of you who are partnering with us in this way!

Ministry Update
While we are not yet in Europe and the Middle East, we are still able to connect with our teammates and a few leaders via Zoom! In the past few weeks, we have met with Alejandro and Carmen De Francisco (Spain), the At Home Advisory Board (Paris), the Agape Advisory Board (Bulgaria), and the Three-Worlds team!
While it is so good to stay connected via technology, nothing compares to the face-to-face connections we desire. We cannot wait to at least be in the same time zone, if not meeting in person with our colleagues and team.

3W Regional Highlights
En Mi Lugar, our Church of God congregation in Madrid, Spain, hit their one-year anniversary recently. Great things are happening in Spain!

The Church of God in Arco, Italy, obtained a building that will better serve the needs of the congregation and community. This has been on the prayer list for years. We’re rejoicing with Pastor Marcos and Katherine Lovaglio!

The At Home ministry in Paris, France, recently baptized three new believers! 

Family Update
We’re on the road! We are very excited to be visiting with pastors, churches, and individuals in the North/Northwest over the next few weeks. Of course, masks are being worn and social distancing is being observed! 
Overall, it’s just great to be out sharing about ministry in Europe and the Middle East! To be honest, this transition for our family has been one long roller coaster ride. Sure, every big move has its ups and downs, but the extension to our goodbyes has been a little more bitter than sweet as time has progressed and weariness has settled in many times over.
Still, we’re thankful. Thankful for more time with friends and family before we move. Thankful we’ve been able to take on some ministry responsibilities remotely. Thankful our family has stayed healthy. And especially thankful we have landlords who have no plans of kicking us out before our plane departs for Madrid!
We are also so thankful for all the encouragement given and prayers spoken on our behalf. We don’t take that for granted!

Love and prayers, 
Nate, Stacy, and Family

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