MTI Week 2 Recap

Wrapping up Language Learning

We just completed our second week of cross-cultural training, wrapping up “language learning.” While we aren’t learning a new language, our instructors are giving us the tools and resources to learn how to speak Spanish when we arrive.

One of the main points of emphasis has been taking responsibility for our language acquisition. For example, instead of hiring a language teacher or tutor we are encouraged to hire a language helper.

Along with learning vowel sounds, fricatives, laterals, flaps, and much more, we were given a whole host of techniques that we can use to learn Spanish. These include activities such as writing out and memorizing monologues, predicting and memorizing conversations that we will have, writing down dumb-smart questions and creating community language route projects.

Overall, we are feeling more and more prepared and equipped, and are working on a plan to begin learning Spanish before we leave and upon arrival.

A Day in The Life at MTI

So, what does a typical day look like for us?

Upon arrival two weeks ago, we received a color-coded, four-week schedule for our family. We were placed in the “Blue Cohort” which includes two other families with teenagers and kids as well as two single missionaries.

After breakfast each day we have prayer time with our cohort and then begin our training. The day is filled in with a variety of learning times. Again, the first two weeks have been primarily focused on learning a new language. We have a coach we (as a couple) meet with each week for processing issues more specific to our situation. As a large group, we have “all-community meetings” where kids and adults learn together. We are also given daily quiet time for personal reflection. Lastly, we have been placed in a “growth group” with 3 other adults and meet almost daily for deeper discussion.

Daleska and Emily are involved in the teen program. They have gone through much of what we experience, but with other teens in the program.

The weekends are left open to relax and/or explore the area. This past weekend a large group of us walked around the Garden of the Gods. (See pics)

Our MTI Family

In a way, the large group has quickly become like a family here during the first two weeks. It has been a blessing to learn alongside other crazy missionary families!

It has been a joy and a blessing to hear stories of how God is calling other missionaries and families and the challenges they have also faced in 2020.

The MTI staff has been a tremendous blessing as well. Most (maybe all?) of the staff has been on the mission field at some point or another. They have shared their stories about how God has called/led them to Palmer Lake to prepare other missionaries for their work.

We have especially enjoyed the focused time with our cohort. These families and individuals are going to Guam, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay and Uganda. It has been amazing how close we have gotten in these two weeks.

Thank you so much for your continued thoughts, prayers and support for our family. We are so thankful that we have been able to participate in the COMPASS training at MTI ad we are eager to see what these last two weeks hold for our family and fellow missionaries.


Nate, Stacy, Daleska and Emily

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