Road Trips, Cross Cultural Training & Sweet Family Time

As associate regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East, Nate and Stacy will be working alongside Regional Coordinators Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall as together they help connect, encourage, and resource the Church of God throughout the region. Nate and Stacy will have a particular emphasis on church planting and church health, walking alongside pastors and leaders in the region connected through the EuropeX church network.
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Ministry Update

We were on the road for four weeks, visiting pastors and speaking at churches in the Northern and Pacific Northwestern states, and we’ve been in Colorado for the past two weeks. We dropped Kayla and Aubry off at the Denver airport to fly home two weeks ago, and the rest of us just finished up week two of a four-week training at Mission Training International (MTI) in Colorado, pictured above.

Nate and Stacy are attending MTI’s COMPASS training, which focuses on language learning, practical cross-cultural training, and personal growth. 

An excerpt from our recent blog post:

The majority of our first week of training has been centered around linguistics and phonetics. It’s not learning a new language, but learning how to learn a new language. Did you know that we only make 44 sounds in our English language? Did you know that we have the ability to make over a 1000 different sounds? 

Yeah, we didn’t either. 

Daleska and Emily are going through their own training at MTI called CHIPS. This training follows a lot of what the adults are doing, however, they are learning in an environment with other teens. Both Daleska and Emily have stated this time with other missionary families has already far exceeded their expectations.

We are so thankful for this time of training with many other missionary families from around the country!

Nate and Stacy speak at Blue Mountain Community Church in Walla Walla, Washington, and lead a learner-led language session at MTI.

Prayers and Praises

  • Pray for Spain and all of Europe as they face a second wave of COVID-19 infections. As in the United States, many countries in our region are experiencing record numbers of daily cases and are renewing restrictions in an effort to slow the spread of the disease.
  • Praise God that we’ve stayed healthy in our travels.
  • Our time of training at MTI has been so beneficial already. Pray for the continued health of all the participants and that the Lord uses this time to continue to challenge and prepare us for cross-cultural ministry.
  • Pray for missionaries around the world who are experiencing hardships while serving so far away from family and friends.
  • Pray for our family as we finalize details for our move. Our last big hurdle is obtaining visas. The pandemic has slowed this process, and we are praying for favor and a relatively smooth process at the Spanish consulate.
  • Praise God that our funding has ALMOST been raised.

Partnership Update

We are SO close to being 100% funded! We are currently waiting for a few commitments to be finalized and will send out an update when we make it! THANK YOU for all the ways you provide support and encouragement as we begin this transition!

Family Update 

As mentioned, we were on the road for four weeks and we took time between meetings to tour the majesty of God’s creation along our route. In total, we traveled over 4,500 miles through ten states! Some of our favorite quick stops included:

  1. The Badlands of South Dakota
  2. Needles Highway
  3. Yellowstone National Park
  4. Craters of the Moon
  5. Palouse Falls
  6. The Columbia River Gorge
  7. The Meyer Residence…ok, this is Stacy’s brother’s home in Idaho, but it was our very favorite stop, so it makes the list! 

Yay for COUSINS!
As happy as we were to see the countryside as we traveled from church to church, we can’t wait to get settled into life and ministry in Spain. We can’t say enough how thankful we are for all of your support and encouragement!

Love and prayers,
Nate, Stacy, and Family

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