Week 3 at MTI

It’s hard to believe that we have finished up our third week here at Mission Training International (MTI). If you have not followed along, you can catch up on week 1 here and week 2 here.

After two weeks focused on language learning, we moved into training on preparing our family for a cross-cultural move.

First up: identifying our conflict styles. Nate discovered he is a “lion,” attacking problems directly, independently finding a solution, and moving on.

Stacy is an “owl,” wanting everyone to be heard and ultimately identifying a “win-win-win” solution.

Daleska is a “teddy bear,” desiring a compromise among all parties involved.

And Emily has followed in Nate’s footsteps as a “lion.” We learned that not only is it important to know our own style, but also how to interact with others during conflict.

Why is this important? Because when we move to Spain, there will be all kinds of ways conflict (inner or exterior) will rise up within ourselves, our family, and those we meet with as we settle into a new life.

We also talked through what we can expect in our transition. As we have been preparing and continue to transition to life in Madrid, we can expect to go through the following phases:

⁃ Settled or Rooted

⁃ Unsettled or Pulling Up

⁃ Chaos or Rootless

⁃ Resettling or Surfacing

⁃ Newly Settled or New Roots

Going through this training has given our family the framework and language to express what we are feeling and experiencing. It’s important that we identify where we are in each of these stages as well as the good and the bad emotions we are feeling.

We are so thankful for the relationships formed and the bonds made with other missionaries on similar journeys. Will you pray for our family as we finish our last week here at MTI?


The Tatmans

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