Church History ~ Sending Agency ~ Walking Alongside…

Over the next few weeks we want to highlight the organizations and people we will be working with in our new roles. Up this week is our sending agency, Global Strategy.  

A Little Church History…

The Church of God – Anderson, Indiana is a non-denominational movement that began in the late 1800’s. Its founders started the movement out of a response to denominationalism. D.S. Warner believed that churches were too divisive and did not emphasize Jesus Christ as the head of the church. You can read more about our church history here:

From its beginning, the Church of God prioritized sending out missionaries. The movement began in 1880 and the first missionary, B.F. Elliott, was sent out in 1891. Pertinent to the region in which we will be working, the Church of God sent missionaries to England (1892), Germany (1901), and Russia (1902). 

A missionary board was formed in 1909 to formalize a structure for sending and supporting Church of God missionaries around the world. Today, that formal organization is Global Strategy. You can read more about the timeline and history here:

Why do we share the historical story of Global Strategy? It is important for us to know who has gone before us, using their experiences to help shape our own. 

We recognize we are all on this earth for a short time and are part of a larger story. The experiences of others can offer guidance as we establish healthy structures and systems both now and in the future.

Our Sending Agency

In his mission pastor role, Nate has worked with missionaries, pastors and Church of God congregations in the United States and abroad, becoming familiar with many people and places over the years. 

In fact, when Nate first began working as a missions pastor, he formed a friendship with Andrew Gale, who was also serving as a missions pastor and is now the Executive Director for Global Strategy. 

As our circle of friends, pastors, and colleagues has grown, so has our appreciation and love for the Church of God and its missionaries and leaders in Europe and the Middle East. 

Choosing the right agency is vital for any missionary. If a sending agency doesn’t properly vet, assess, send, and support its missionaries, it can be disastrous for all parties involved – the agency, missionaries, churches and organizations the missionaries are serving, those funding the missionaries, and so on. 

We have appreciated the work Global Strategy has done in support of Church of God missionaries and other leaders around the world!

“Walking Alongside…”

One of the changes Global Strategy made within the last year and a half is particularly significant to us – a new tagline.

Walking alongside the local church, globally.

This small phrase speaks volumes to the type of organization they (and we) aspire to become, especially as it relates to our work in Europe and the Middle East. We whole-heartedly believe that it is not our role, as missionaries, to reach Spaniards, Italians, or Germans. 

Instead, our role is to walk alongside pastors, leaders, and churches by encouraging, collaborating, and connecting so that they can reach their neighborhoods, families, and the people in their communities. 

As our own future European friends and neighbors seek to know more about faith in Jesus Christ, our goal will always be to connect them to a local body of believers that can disciple and teach them to live out the principles of Jesus in their cultural context and language. 

We are so thankful for the many pastors, leaders, and missionaries who have gone before us and will answer the call long after we leave. We are also thankful for Global Strategy and its long history of work in Europe and the Middle East. 

Working under a strong agency that cares deeply for missionaries and the communities in which they serve ultimately gives us the confidence we need to live and work in a cross-cultural setting!

Thanks for continuing to follow our journey!

Many blessings, 

Nate, Stacy, and Family

As associate regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East, Nate and Stacy will be working alongside Regional Coordinators Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall as together they help connect, encourage, and resource the Church of God throughout the region. Nate and Stacy will have a particular emphasis on church planting and church health, walking alongside pastors and leaders in the region connected through the EuropeX church network. 

(Excerpt from
To partner with Nate and Stacy in ministry, click on the link above.

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