January 2020 Update

As associate regional coordinators for Europe and the Middle East, Nate and Stacy will be working alongside Regional Coordinators Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall as together they help connect, encourage, and resource the Church of God throughout the region. Nate and Stacy will have a particular emphasis on church planting and church health, walking alongside pastors and leaders […]

Closing Out 2019

As we wrap up 2019, we are overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. This holiday season has been filled with lots of family time, new adventures, old traditions, warm hearts, and full bellies! The fact that we’ll be leaving in seven short months has been on all of our hearts and minds, and we’ve been soaking […]

A Video About Our New Role

Here is an introduction video to our new role in Europe and the Middle East. We will be joining the Three Worlds Team and sent by Global Strategy.

Weddings & Other Events We Will Miss

This past Sunday, August 25th our first born, and only son, married his bride after dating for 5.5 years. I (Nate) initially turned down the opportunity to officiate the wedding as I thought it would be better to be “the dad” rather than the “pastor.” Through unforeseen circumstances the opportunity was brought back up a few […]


We were recently commissioned as missionaries for Global Strategy to Europe and the Middle East. For those unfamiliar with this tradition, it goes all the way back to the Book of Acts in the Bible. In Acts 13:2-3 it says, “While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for […]

Healthy Steps Towards Becoming A Missionary

I (Nate) have worked in the local church for the majority of my adult life. For the last 8-9 years I have overseen global missions and local outreach. Through my experience as a missions pastor, I can honestly say I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Christians who […]

Partner With Us?

Our mission’s agency, Global Strategy, has a stated focus: to “break down barriers, cross borders, and connect people’s passion with the hands and feet of Christ in places they could never reach on their own.” Has God placed a desire in you to make an impact in the Europe and Middle East region? Does this spark […]

Between Two Worlds

After spending three weeks on the road, we are headed home! We left for Orlando on June 22nd and returned home on July 14th. So much happened In between those dates. However, what does not escape us is the fact that we are now living in between two worlds. On June 29th, we were commissioned at […]