Between Two Worlds

After spending three weeks on the road, we are headed home! We left for Orlando on June 22nd and returned home on July 14th. So much happened In between those dates. However, what does not escape us is the fact that we are now living in between two worlds. On June 29th, we were commissioned at […]

Watch Our Commissioning Service!

We will be commissioned this Saturday, June 29, 2019 in Orlando, FL. The commissioning service will be part of the Church of God Convention 2019 taking place at the Orlando World Center Marriott. You can watch the service online via Faithlife. Follow these instructions to join us and pray for us! Go to and either create an account or sign […]

Tatman Transition Update

We’ve been asked a lot lately how things are going, when we’re leaving, what our process looks like, etc….so we figured it was time for an update! The last few months have been eventful and productive! Most recently, Aubry graduated from high school. She graduated with honors and received our school’s Difference Maker Award and […]

Saturday Work Dates

As the pace of life has picked up, we’ve recognized the importance of a weekly huddle! On today’s planning list:  Missions fundraising Grad party details Home projects to prepare for selling Travel plans for our missionary commissioning Wedding prep, bridal shower, dress shopping Whew! No wonder our heads are spinning! 🙂 Saturday mornings have been […]

Happy 3 Year Anniversary!!!

Where has the time gone? Three years ago today, we met Daleska and Emily in person for the first time!  During our time in Costa Rica, we hired a videographer to record our first few days as a new family. Watch and celebrate along with us! Nate, Stacy, and Family!

Why Spain Now (Stacy’s Perspective)

Let’s just start off by acknowledging that this lady’s perspective on the big ol’ life change that’s about to take place is going to be quite a bit different than her hubby’s! ☺ If you haven’t read “Nate’s Perspective” in the last post, I encourage you to do so. So, we’re moving to Spain. So […]

Why Spain Now (Nate’s Perspective)

A few weeks ago, we made an announcement about moving to Madrid, Spain in the summer of 2020. As we prepare for our departure from the United States and transition into a new season of life in Spain, we hope to keep you up to date. As we shared in our previous post, we have accepted the […]

Exciting Tatman News!!!

Saying “no” has never been the default option for our family. Granted, it hasn’t always been easy, but “yes” has seemed to come much more naturally. “Yes!” to serving in church ministry. “Yes!” to creating new ministries and developing small businesses. “Yes!” to returning to school to be better equipped for future yeses. “Yes!” to […]

Crazy Beginnings!

No matter how much planning and preparation occurs, adoption stories rarely go exactly as planned. Our journey has been no different! While we followed instructions and walked out the prescribed steps along the way, life created a set of circumstances that shook us up for a season prior to our matching with and adoption of […]

Celebrating Traditions In Other Cultures (A Video Interview Part 3)

(This is the last interview in our three part series! Here is Part 2 interview where we talked about language. In Part 1 we talked about food from other countries.) I sat down with three young ladies from different countries to talk about food, culture, and language. I love to travel and explore different cultures. It’s fascinating to me […]